Broker – Screenprint

This page (pg. 21) contains the information for broker users that solely want to look more into their screenprinting orders.  When you visit the page, you are able to have an overview of all the screenprinting orders keyed in to WMJ. The first viewpoint of the page is the “recent […]

Grandfather Clause

Welcome to! As we launch, we are excited to offer our exclusive features into our package page. The package will offer a discounted price on the total cost of the add on and hardspace. As we grow into a bigger company, we will add additional paid feature to each […]

Pick Up Date

This page (pg. 112) shows you the entire list of jobs that are scheduled to be picked up by your customer or a member of their staff. A given order gives you a run down of the status of the order as well as a quick a of the order […]

Shipping Out

This page (pg 111) comes complementary to your free account. This page contains the orders that are destined to be shipped out once the order is complete. You can simply go to page 111 or go to the dashboard on WMJ, located on the left side and scroll down the […]