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WMJ provides an in-depth visual representation of the current artwork status for promotional orders. In order to check on the status of a given order, simply go to page 75 or go on the navigation tab on the left hand side on WMJ. Go to the Production Status and select “promotional” to see current artwork status of your promotional orders.

The current orders are organized by the different artwork status there are. You also have the ability to export the page as a pdf so you can have a hard copy of your orders’ status. You can also filter the orders by selecting the filter key located above the current status. You filter by the date the order was placed and its estimated time of completion as well as filtering by your different customers.

Another feature on this page is the logs of each order. By selecting the logs button of a given order, you can see an archived log of all the artwork status changes a specific order has gone through. This can be specifically helpful with reorders since it provides a list of all the changes an order went through till it was finally approved and gone through production.

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