Broker – General

The Broker page (pg. 20) handles the organization of all jobs which you are acting in the role of the broker and have linked to an outside account.

Here, you can view all orders keyed in under your user account. You can see the live feed of recent activity of your orders, such as job completion, status updates, and proofs send to customer.

You can also export a pdf of all current orders you have in WMJ. Simply click on the “Export Page as PDF” located on the right hand side to export a detailed pdf of the current orders. You can also filter which order you would like to view or export. Simply click on the filter button located above the order to filter for example screen printing order, to view all current screen printing orders.

There are also buttons on the top portion of the page to make it easier to input additional orders or information. As the buttons state, there’s is to create a job, vendor/broker list which can be access by the main user of the WMJ account, broker job files which are all files needed to complete an order, and a job done button which gives you an archive list of completed jobs.

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