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We understand that the user would only like certain emails depending their department. Let’s face it, we are constantly being over flooded with emails on our daily basis. Hence we are giving you the power to check with sections you would like to receive emails. What this means is that you can choose which types of emails you would like to receive instead of being bombarded with countless emails. The default setting of new accounts is to receive NO EMAILS however you can change the settings to receive certain emails and we would advise you to do so straight away.

We broke up the emails notifications into 5 sections and each section has their certain individual purpose to provide you the ability to choose which alerts you would like to receive.

New Job Notifications

As the name suggest, by selecting this notification, you will receive emails dealing with the creation of a new order ONLY. You can select “All Job Types” to receive all new job emails. However, we also gave you the option to choose which new jobs you would like to get notified. For example, if you solely are interested in screen printing order, you can check the notification for screen printing to only get new screen printing order notifications.

Artwork Status Notifications

The Artwork Status Notification emails deals with changes in the Artwork Status throughout the job progress. It does provide you the opportunity to choose which email notifications you will receive. If you would like alerts on all your current and future orders, please check “All Job Types” to receive all artwork alterations emails. However if you are solely interested on certain job types, we also provided options so you can pick and choose which notifications you would like to receive.

Production Status Notifications

The Production Job Notification emails deals with changes in the Job Production status throughout the progress OTHER than the creation or completion of an order. Like the previous sections, we also give you the ability to choose which notifications you would like to receive on either all jobs or more specific job types.

Completed Job Notifications

The Completed Job Notification email deals with the completion of an order ONLY. Once a job it stated as complete, you will get a notification to pick up your order or to provide an shipping information for a specific order. As the other sections, you can choose which notifications to receive.

Miscellaneous Notifications

  •  Selecting emails pertaining to ARTIST: What this means is that if the user is selected as the ARTIST in the job card, you will received all email notifications pertaining to the ARTIST.
  • Selecting emails pertaining to USER: If this notification is checked, likewise with the ARTIST notification, they will received email notifications corresponding to the USER.
  • Selecting Job File Email: If this notification is checked, the user will receive a confirmation email when files are being uploaded to the job card.

Things to Note:

  1. The Edit Page contains in Alternative email and that email will also receive the notification. IF you want to receive additional emails please fill that field. If not, please leave it empty
  2. The Production Status Notifications will receive the most traffic, in essence, a LOT of emails if you are diligent in changing the status through the job progress. However, we would advise to not check this option due to the high amount of emails; due to the amount of emails, many users would begin to disregard other email notifications.

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