I Signed Up but Now What?

This is probably our most asked question.

The main advise we give our users on trying to navigate WMJ once you sign up is to explore the site. Try to key in a test job on page 2; you are able to see a potential job card and explore all of its features. It may seem overwhelming at first but do not panic. We provided additional features on the job card, in essence, additional notes to go into detail of a given order if you like. For simpler orders, you would need to input 2-4 things to create a job.

After you finish keying your order, you can check out other pages, such as Calendar page, List Page, Shipping Page, to see job in action

If you’re looking in switching over from your current system or are not sure if this site is right for you, we encourage to explore the site. Take it out for a test run and see the potential our site can provide your workload. If you still have questions, you can ask us questions on our forum and we would more than happy to answer all questions to help you ease your navigation through our site.

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