Pick Up Date

This page (pg. 112) shows you the entire list of jobs that are scheduled to be picked up by your customer or a member of their staff. A given order gives you a run down of the status of the order as well as a quick a of the order itself, such as the client’s name, the PO number as well as the due date.

You do have the ability to filter the list to better accommodate your needs. You can filter by selecting the filter button, located above the list of orders. Once selected, you have an array of filters that you can choose a variety of filters to see the page as you like. You can filter by the type of order, the status of production of the orders, the status of the artwork or between a certain time frame. You can also filter between your in-house orders and broker order. You can also input the PO number if you for example want to verify that the order was keyed in correctly and that the order was keyed in correctly (picked up versus shipped out).

You also have the option of export the list to have a hard copy downloaded to your desktop or usb. To do so, you can simply select the export page as pdf button located on the right side of the page. You can also run filters and once the correct filters are selected, you can export the page with the selected filters.

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