This page (pg 143) is a product page for managing custom products on the job card. We have a list of default products for each job type but the user has the option to add custom products in a different area. From there, you can add your own custom product or any other information you want to add to product list option when creating a job.

To access your product list on your job card, you can scroll down to your apparel section of the job card which is located on the “Vendor Apparel Information” tab. You choose “My Vendor Catalogues” on the Vendor section and scroll down to “Product List” on the Vendor portion of the Job Card. The default list as well as your customized product list will appear when you input the type of apparel and color on the right side of the Vendor Apparel Information.

Another option is to link your Quickbooks account to your WMJ account and export the product list you most often use from Quickbooks to WMJ.

You can also edit the list as time goes on to better accommodate your shop needs. You simply choose which product you would like to edit or delete all together.

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