QR system – Create Job and Add QR

Create Job and Add QR buttons- This page only works on mobile-friendly device. This is the page where the user will “Add” the QR code the job card using a mobile device at the same time creating the job as a place holder.

The QR job card has these required fields to complete the job.
a. Customer, Broker or Vendor Information
b. PO Number and Job Name
c. Job Due Date
d. Job Type

Below is where you can add the QR code to the job. Once you click on the QR icon it will take you the camera function and adds that QR code the site.

The QR that is displayed the digital image of the QR code not the actual picture of the QR code. There are 2 sections where the user can scan for either boxes or paperwork.

There is an “add notes section” below each QR where the user can add a note to each QR code. It will be able to be seen on the job card and on the PDF print outs.

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