What is the Most Useful Page on WMJ?

Every user has a different role in the company. Each user will find the most important page for them but universally, the List pages is a page that no matter what the role is in the company, our users will find themselves using on daily basis.

The list page is divided by the job type: Screen printing, Embroidery, DTG, etc.

The list page displays the vital information of a certain job: Due Date, PO, Name, Qty, Production and Artwork Status, It list the job by chronological order, with the newest due date on top. You can update the status on multiple jobs, view due dates and go to a job card by clicking on the job.

The list page can give you a quick summary of what is due today and see what is coming down the pipeline.

Real-World Case Scenario:

This page can be used by the office staff; the staff can leave this page left open on their browser and refresh throughout the day. When they get a phone call from a client asking for status on an order, all they have to do is press control +F and find that job instantly and get status without leaving their desk.

In another example, depending on their job department, the production staff in the warehouse can leave this page open. They can update a given order as it processes. Screen printing dept can have their catchers put the job status as “complete” once the order is out of the oven and boxed up. By constantly checking the status on the list page, you or your client can instantly be aware that a certain order is complete.

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