Will Call E-Sign

This page is a premium page which means it’s not included in the basic subscription on your package. To add this page, you will need to purchase it a la carte or within “Add on Package” deal when available. The Will Call E-Sign, Delivery E-Sign, Tablet Sign are sold as one package.

This page is meant to manually sign off on orders that are picked up at your location. The default view are orders that are due the same day but the user can use the search fields and specify an order to sign out.

The user will select one or multiple orders to sign out using the “Select” box. From there, click on the “Pick Up/ Drop Off” which will generate a pop-up. The user can select the method the order is being pick-up or dropped off.

From there, an additional pop up page with a timestamp and a note box will appear in which you enter any additional information you like.

Last edit 02/02/2020 by A.G.

Last edit 02/02/2020 by A.G.

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