About Us



Moment of Truth. My name is Rick Huerta, My team and I created Wheresmyjob.com over 9 years ago. At first this I had this vision of being the next “Insert Name of big website company” here. We spent over a year on coding just do to get the base of the site. We launch and failed. There is a list of various reasons why but in the end it was because we didn’t implement the entire software into a shop. How can I ask someone to put their faith in their entire shop to our system If we don’t? So that’s what I did for over 6 years. I slowly made Wheresmyjob.com our 100% shop system and work out the issue we needed on a daily basis.

I have over 20 years in this industry started as a Dryer Helper and have slowly built my business as one of the biggest Wholesale Embroidery and ScreenPrint shops in Southern California. I work daily to improve the shop and streamline as much as we can. Due to that work ethic, this idea of WheresmyJob.com was born.

Thank you for taking a leap a faith at looking at WheresMyJob.com for the right solutions for your shop. I completely understand that your shop is your livelihood and entrusting your information and files is a daunting task but we have since 2012 and your good hands.