This page is a color management page for the color options for product in the job card. We have a list of default colors that can be accessed once you input information of a given order. You can continue to use our primary list or you can add more colors to better accommodate your shop needs.

To add a new color, simply go to Page 144 by doing a quick search on the upper right-hand corner of any page on WMJ. From there, you will see the default list on the left side and your own custom list on the right side. To add a color, simply input the color you would like to add under the New color tab and press the green check to update your list.

You are able to add more than one color at once! Simply add the different color lines by clicking “Add More Field.” Then just type which colors you would like to add to your custom color list. If you make a mistake or simply want to delete a color you no longer use, you just choose which line you would like to edit or delete. If you have a longer list of names, we also included a search bar for colors for easier access to modify your custom list to your liking.

Last edit 01/28/2020 by A.G.

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