Production Schedule -Production Schedule*

There are three main calendars for production status that your production team can use to organize the production of the orders your shop receives. These calendars are complimentary and are included in your free account.

This page (pg 79) is for the production schedule for your current orders. This means that your production, who has previously assigned given orders, can now view those orders on this page.

This means that for example, if an order comes in that requires to be done within 5 business days, your production would need about 2 days of production to finish this order. The other three days may mean preparing the order or getting the artwork needed to complete the order.

This feature can also be beneficial for your production team to organize their workflow better. Your production team can now be on top of all orders to be placed next on the queue and keep production going. If there is an order that still has not begun production compared to the estimated time of production, your team can get further information needed, that being inventory issue, artwork issue etc.

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