How Does WMJ Work?

Well, to answer to this question, you need to ask yourself what use do you need WMJ for? WMJ aka is designed to fit all type of users. Are you just looking for some kind of software-based that can be use bookmarks for your orders, or are you 1 man (or woman) shop that needs help to notify your customers when an order is done, or 30+ person shop that needs business intelligence on jobs you are running, i.e are you making on money this 50 piece order with 10 colors?

WMJ is all of this and more.

We made WMJ to fit your needs and requirements. If you want to input a job within 1 minute, you can but if you want to go into full detail of an order and take several minutes you can too. WMJ gives you the opportunity to input as much detail as you like or merely the essential information of a given order. This can be your sole system and run your entire shop (another financial side) or it can be an extension of your current system and be the helping hand of another system you use.

We based our system on one major part of the job flow, the input of the job. (Job Card; Page 2) With this data, we can communicate with your clients, help you order product, organization dates, help in the artwork flow, and 1000s of data points that we have and going to automate.

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