Inhouse, Vendor and Broker

We divide how you enter orders in 3 different ways. Inhouse, Vendor and Broker. That is the first choice on the job card and one of the few require fields to enter an order in WMJ.

Inhouse orders are usually orders that are direct with the End Customer. Usually, this means you do the jobs inhouse and not outsource out the order. There are times you do pick this option if your Vendor or Broker are not using WMJ.

Vendor option is chosen if you are the vendor connecting to a Broker to a job. The natural flow of an order is the Broker keys in the order and connects to you the vendor. But are times the Vendor uses WMJ mostly and the Broker is on WMJ just for status check.

Broker option is chosen if you are the broker and attaching a Vendor to the order. The broker option also has the option to attach their inhouse client to the job card.

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